We currently try to evaluate for our needs the opencontrail solution, we 
manage to install it on different VMs and physical severs using 
contrail-installer setup (and Ubuntu currently) but our understanding is this 
installation  receipt was done for development purpose and not for production 

   On Juniper contrail user guide the user is advised to use the fabric utility 
plus a testbed.py file to deploy contrail on one or multiple nodes in different 
(programmable) topology that my suit each user needs. Looks to be an elegant, 
documented and nice, simple deployment solution.

  Looks that the fabric utility is also public , but I was not able to find 
anywhere a document to describe how can I obtain the single contrail (debian) 
package used by fabric utility based deployment. Juniper way to build and 
deploy contrail in production  is also public or it is private? And if it is 
public is there a document to describe how one can build a packet like 
(contrail-install-packages-1.xx-xxx~xxxxxx_all.deb) the one that appears in 
contrail user-guide?

I was trying to read in the mail archive the topics related to the packages but 
I did not found the answer. From this thread 
 I've learned that different companies have different approaches in doing the 
packaging and deployment but I was not able to find the reason.

Thank you very much,

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