I have been trying to setup a single node development environment for Contrail 
with DPDK based vRouter. I am facing issues there and struggling to understand 
the overall process as I don't find any online documentation in this regard. 
All information that I get is related to configuring DPDK based vRouter in 
binary-packages based setup. I would really appreciate if anyone out there can 
help me here

Following are the steps I followed-

Initially I followed contrail-installer guidelines as a reference-


Using above approach, though I was able to bring up a "Contrail + Devstack" 
setup up but it has vRouter installed as a Kernel module and no 
"contrail-vrouter-dpdk" binary is generated.

Therefore, I did following steps to generate a "contrail-vrouter-dpdk" binary-

1.      Downloaded dpdk code base (version 2.1) to "third_party/dpdk" folder

2.      Update packages.make to include CONTRAIL_VROUTER_DPDK in sources

3.      Some other tweaking in following files to get "countrail-vrouter-dpdk" 
binary compiled successfully

a.      /opt/stack/contrail/controller/src/config/utils/provision_vrouter.py,

b.      vRouter/SConscript,

c.      third_party/dpdk and vRouter/dpdk/ files

Thereafter taking reference from fabric-utils 
(contrail-fabric-utils\fabfile\tasks\install.py  and 
contrail-fabric-utils\fabfile\utils\install.py) files I get to the point where 
in 'get_compute_pkgs' routine, it tries to fetch 'contrail-vrouter-dpdk-init' 

However I am unable to locate this 'contrail-vrouter-dpdk-init' package 

Now I have two queries here-

1.      Is this package available online somewhere? And,

2.      Is there some other mechanism to Initialize/configure DPDK based 
vRouter on the compute node in development source based installation?

Br, Deepak
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