So beyond chemical and physical properties (which I agree, Paul’s comments were 
fascinating to me, too), when do we stop calling OpenContrail OpenContrail, and 
we start calling it Tangsten Fabric? Starting from now? Right after ONS? 
Sometime later on?



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Paul seems to have a strong background in Physics or Material Sciences. :)

Which is very welcome, as mine is also in Solid State Physics and Quantum 


On Mar 3, 2018 17:21, "CARVER, PAUL" <<>> 
You’re thinking of polycrystalline tungsten. This is tungsten FABRIC where the 
warp and weft of the fabric allude to the pure single-crystalline form 
(admittedly fabric isn’t body centered cubic, but the name is merely evocative) 
which retains its hardness but is more ductile and malleable. And when combined 
with OpenStack, Tungsten Fabric forms a superalloy suitable for ultra-high performance 
applications such as gas turbines and the nozzles of rocket engines.

As with tungsten, Tungsten Fabric is best used in combination with other 
material where it lends it high melting point and tensile strength to the 
complementary properties of the weaker materials with which it is combined.

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Nice name, hard(inflexible)  and brittle :)

On Mar 2, 2018, at 3:27 PM, Gregory Elkinbard 
<<>> wrote:

We have a name!

Based on input from the community and from trademark counsel, the selected name 
is Tungsten Fabric. We are working with the LF-N governance board to approve 
the project for induction as soon as possible, likely at ONS the last week in 

Stay tuned as we finalize the new branding, website, and social channels for 
Tungsten Fabric, and thanks to everyone who has participated in getting the 
project ready for its migration into the LF-N.


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