I am having one build chain with openshift/origin:v3.6.0. where

1. First build is triggered using custom build strategy manually. pushes
newly created image to an imagestream.
2. Second build is triggered based on image change in image stream tag.

Now, the first build is working normally and pushing the image to the
specific image stream. But the second build is not getting triggered.

This works fine with v1.2.1. Also I have enabled
"system:build-strategy-custom", even tried adding cluster-admin cluster
role to the user, but no luck.

Any suggestion for what should I be looking at, or if I am missing

pasting the build trigger template below for reference.

      "kind": "BuildConfig",
      "apiVersion": "v1",
      "metadata": {
          "name": "test"
      "spec": {
        "triggers": [
            "type": "Generic",
            "generic": {
              "secret": "${BUILD_TRIGGER_SECRET}"
            "type": "ImageChange",
            "imageChange": {
              "from": {
                "kind": "ImageStreamTag",
                "name": "${JOBID}:test"
        "strategy": {
          "type": "Custom",
          "customStrategy": {
            "exposeDockerSocket": true,
            "from": {
              "kind": "DockerImage",
              "name": "cccp-test"

Thanks & Regards
Bamacharan Kundu

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