As of, h
ttps:// and are
the authoritative source of the OpenShift API types and the OpenShift
external clients.  The external types and go client are no longer present
in  This makes it possible to interact
with an OpenShift cluster without trying to vendor openshift/origin and it
changes the way that API changes are merged.

To make an API change in 3.8+:

   1. open a pull with the external types to openshift/api and get it
   reviewed, approved, and merged
   2. bump the vendored dependencies in openshift/client-go, regenerate
   (make generate build), and get it merged.
   3. bump the vendored dependencies in openshift/origin
   (hack/, update your internal types, and start serving your
   new API.

For forks, you will have to merge into the appropriate branches of the
various repositories.
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