Is there any other solution to deploy openshift origin cluster on private 
openstack cloud?
Could magnum be used for bringing up openshift origin cluster?


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Basically you do 2 things:

1. create your openstack environment with the instances you need and the 
appropriate networking (just like you would for any environment)

2. deploy openshift using the ansible playbooks [1]

But there is a lot of devil in the detail and it depends a bit on what you are 
wanting to deploy (openstack cloud provider, glusterfs ...).
We have used a number of openstack environments, and found them all to be a bit 
fragile. Added to this the openshift environment is continually changing 
(playbooks, RPMs, Docker images) so the whole process is a bit temperamental, 
but it can be made to work.

For sure you should look at the parts of the openshift documentation that cover 
openstack [2, 3] as well as these contrib playbooks that also handle creation 
of the openstack parts [4] (but IMHO these are not really suitable for creating 
a real cluster as they are).


On 10/04/18 11:27, Yu Wei wrote:
How to deploy openshift origin cluster on openstack?
Could I use magnum, heat or other components?

Is there any document about this?


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