Problem was the cross build. It was building for amd64. Setting 
OS_ONLY_BUILD_PLATFORMS appears to have fixed things.

 While building 3.9.0 I get the following:


pkg/oc/util/tokencmd/negotiator_gssapi.go:25:7: undefined: gssapi.Lib

pkg/oc/util/tokencmd/negotiator_gssapi.go:32:8: undefined: gssapi.Name

pkg/oc/util/tokencmd/negotiator_gssapi.go:34:7: undefined: gssapi.CtxId

pkg/oc/util/tokencmd/negotiator_gssapi.go:43:8: undefined: gssapi.CredId

I note in that module there is an import for:


And that in apcera/gssapi/gss_types.go those particular things (e.g. CtxId) are 
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