I setup ceph rbd with openshift origin 3.6.

I read document about ceph volume and volume security.

It seemed that for ceph rbd,  fsGroups rather than supplemental groups 
should be used.

In my test, I didn't specify fsGroup for pods. But it worked.  It seemed 
that supplemental groups was used as file groups for mounted volumes.

I also run the same test in anther testing environment. Pods failed to 
start and reported permission issues for the mounted volume. However, pv 
and pvc were created successfully.

I have two questions as below,
1, Could only fsGroup be used for ceph rbd? Could supplemental groups 
also be used?
2, Behavior is different in my two test environments. One succeed and 
one failed.
     Except supplemental groups and fsGroups, is there any other 
settings that could affect volume access?

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