In 3.x folks used to open issues on Origin/ openshift-ansible repos or BZ
if it was related to OCP.

In 4.x the game changed a bit where we have many repos and so my question

do you have any suggestion/ preference on where folks should open issues
and how will they know / be able to triage which issue goes into which git
repo ?

Sometimes installer repo is used as the main place to open issues however
that is not efficient but then again i can understand why folks do it since
is the only interaction they are aware of.

One suggestion i have would be if it was somehow a mapping between the
features in v4 and the operators as well as a dependency graph of all the
operators. Having that inside a github issue template should help folks
understand (could be that not everyone will be comfortable with but is a
start i think) on which repo to open the github issue?

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