The bot seems to be working as expected, issuing `/retest` messages on
PRs with 1) failing tests 2) `lgtm` label. The assumption is that the
vetted code is supposed to pass tests, or it should not have a `lgtm`.
In this case it looks like that the CI jobs backed by Jenkins jobs are
broken by not having some necessary credentials. I'll ask around about
who is supposed to fix that.


On Thu, Sep 12, 2019 at 11:02 AM Philipp Dallig
<> wrote:
> Hi Openshift-Devs,
> I hope you have noticed that the OpenShift CI Robot doesn't work right.
> As a result GitHub sends hundreds of emails. I get messages from this
> GitHub PR ( Start time
> was around 04:43 AM CEST ( 02:43 AM UTC ).
> Regards
> Philipp
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