2 concerns:

1 - Can't connect via wifi  on at least 2 of my computers.  Fails on bootup -with message "direct firmware load for rtl9192ce /*(DEBLOBBED)/ failed with error -2"  or words to that effect. True of all  parabola versions I have tried.  Current Trisquel 8.0 Alpha loads & networking works ok on these computers so free firmware should be available.

2 - Still trying to get a workiing install of either LXDE or MATE openrc alpa  releases.  Installing to usb sticks.  Install & boots OK, looks good.  Cannot connect to any wifi.  Many sites found, fail with message "Not authorized to control networking" or words to that effect.  Don't have wired connections to most computers.  If it does work on first bootup, run updates, next bootup networking fails.  Repeatable error, many install attempts.

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