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> On February 12, 2018 8:59 am, Javier Pena wrote:
> [snip]
>> My only doubt is why this does not show up as "NOT_REGISTERED" in Zuul as
>> it did before.
> This is because we changed check_job_registration to False in zuul.conf
> to make Zuul always queue new job. We did that because during previous
> nodepool outage, zuul would fail with NOT_REGISTERED when no slaves
> where online (zuul(v2) only register job for available labels).
> Perhaps we could add a check for missing jjb job in zuul.yaml, or revert
> that check_job_registration back to true.

I was previsously confused by NOT_REGISTERED on wrong configuration too,
but it's still better than having the job stuck. That said, I didn't know
howto debug this error, someone with experience told me howto fix based on

So do I understand it correctly that Zuul has no good way of communicating
job configuration errors? Isn't this possibly an issue to be solved in
upstream Zuul? Something like returning CONFIG_ERROR that is clickable and
leads to a log of config errors.

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