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thanks for putting this summary. Please find some comments inlined bellow.

On February 7, 2018 4:21 pm, Haïkel wrote:

Following our discussions during today's RDO meeting about a draft to
start working on
python3 support in RDO, I expand the discussion to the wider group.
Please keep the discussion on the dev list, users list is only there
to raise awareness.

Since it's a huge topic, I started an etherpad to collect our
thoughts. It is on upstream etherpad
in order to collaborate with upstream as we hope this would be useful
for upstream gating.
Please read the etherpad for details and provide your feedback.


The main idea is to use stabilized Fedora repositories, it is a lot of
work and we intend to start
working that during the Rocky cycle.
Please forgive my ignorance, but what are "stabilized Fedora
repositories" ?

This will allow us to work on
migrating our packaging on python3
and support modularity which will ship with EL8 (currently a Fedora
only feature).
IIRC modularity correctly, are we going to create distgit branch for
openstack requirements version from the upper-constraints file?
Then each openstack package would be a module built using those branches?
Perhaps we would be able to use those branched fedora spec in rdo repository
using automatic conversion?

There's a lot of work but we aim to be ready on time to migrate to
Python3 when EL8 will be released.

This is not about supporting python3 for end-users, until EL8 gets
released, this is only intended
for our downstream and upstream CI pipelines.

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