* Latest promotion (TripleO CI) for Stein is 13th June while for Master
is from 14th June.
   * No current blockers in all releases apart from infra issues.

Deps Update
   * Facter is being updated to 3.9.3 in master and may be backported to
stable releases.
   * python-sqlalchemy-collectd may be transferred to OpsTools SIG.

   * puppet-rsyslog is added in Train

   * Initial plan to move RDO Train to CentOS has been drafted in

Pike EOL Preparation
   * Pike has Entered Extended Maintenance Upstream, means there will be no
new releases, so we started cleanup in RDO, it will be done in phases.
   * Tracking Pike EOL Taks at

   * Move rdoinfo gating jobs to utilize CloudSIG repos instead of DLRN ones

On behalf of RDO

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