Le 2016-09-19 à 15:59, Samuel Gougeon a écrit :
Le 19/09/2016 21:13, Jean-Pierre Dussault a écrit :

Is this useful (vital for me), toolbox really removed from the distro? It was still there in 5.5.1.

    atomsInstallList: The package diffcode is not available.
     !--error 10000

    at line      51 of function atomsError called by :
    at line      76 of function atomsInstallList called by :
    at line     233 of function atomsInstall called by :

You may copy the archive
in SCI/contrib/archives
and then use the syntax
It should work. But for my part i get an error:
-->atomsInstall diffcode_1.1.1-1.bin.zip
 !--error 21
Index invalide.
at line     167 of function atomsInstall called by :
atomsInstall diffcode_1.1.1-1.bin.zip

Do you get the same?

I believe that diffcode has been made available again, I get the following:

   -> atomsInstall(SCI+"/contrib/archives/diffcode_1.1.1-1.bin.zip")
   Scanning repository http://atoms.scilab.org/5.5 ... Done

   atomsInstall: Previously existing file with the same name in
     ans  =

   !diffcode  1.1.1  allusers  SCI/contrib/diffcode/1.1.1  I  !

and the toolbox is indeed available.


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