Hello Samuel,

Xcos / Scicos internal libs (both Scilab and natives) are loaded on demand; not 
at Scilab startup.
This has been done to hide Scicos internals (aka scicos_scicoslib) and Xcos 
blocks from Scilab users
and reduce Scilab "reserved" names. 

The Xcos / Scicos entry points (in scicos_autolib and scicos_utilslib) are 
correctly listed in
getscilabkeywords() and on call they will load the internal libs on demand. FYI 
a similar behavior
is implemented for atoms internal functions.

For documented functions (like scicos_diagram()) this is a miss, the Scicos API 
which let the users
define their own blocks is supposed to be public and documented !


Le samedi 10 février 2018 à 16:52 +0100, Samuel Gougeon a écrit :
> Dear ESI devs,
> getscilabkeywords() ignores many Xcos macros, even public ones like 
> scicos_diagram(), etc.
> This came with Scilab 5.0 :(
> While working on it, i noted that the scicos_autolib and scicos_utilslib 
> libraries are loaded at
> Scilab startup, while scicos_scicoslib isn't.
> Question 1 : is there a reason for this exception?
> Still about getscilabkeywords() : It registers the xcos/macros with other 
> Scilab macros,
> in getscilabkeywords()(4) instead of getscilabkeywords()(5). 
> Question 2 : Could we move them in the right 5th bin? This is not a 
> back-compatible proposal. So i
> let you decide.
> Best regards
> Samuel
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