I would like to introduce myself.

On this moment iI have some spare time to commit to SciLAB.

I used it extensively and was very pleased when version 6.0 arrived.
However, this version has some very annoying bugs. Especially in xcos.
One option is to complain about this. But I prefer to try and fix some of
these bugs.

I would like to work a little on xcos. I already reported a bug on
bugzilla, but
until now did not see any response to that. This is a simple bug in which
creating levels of hierarchy will lead to a crash. This only happens by
three or more levels.
I reported it and made a patch for it.
Due to the nature of this bug it is hard to write a test for it. I will
have a look into generating xcos diagrams from within a scripts. Hopefully
I will find a way to make a scripts that provokes the error.

Further I tried to build the newest version (git master). But there are
many problems with the modules scirendrerer and gui. The reason for this is
that in jogl2 version 2.3.2 the name space javax.media was replaced with
com.jogamp. After some searching and reading I noticed that most
distributions fix this problem by patching the necessary java files.
Therefor I would like to start a discussion to port this patch into the
repository of Scilab. I know this is not my place, but I think it is
necessary to speak about this.

It is very interesting to look at the really well structured and build code
of Scilab. It is a joy to work with and look at.

I hope that I can make some contributions to the source and improve the
overall user experience.

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