On April 30, 2016 8:24:07 AM EDT, Victor Grousset/tuxayo <vic...@tuxayo.net> 
>I just opened
>However I wanted to updated the title and improve the formatting of the
>content but I can't.
>Nor comment to add more details and discuss the issue.
>Is this to be expected?

Unfortunately, Taiga does not have a separate permission for editing your own 
posts or commenting on posts -- they are both under the 'edit' permission. So 
in order for me to allow you to comment and edit by default, I'd have to allow 
the public to edit any issue. I can add you to the project so you can 

>Should I have used Taiga in the first place to ask about updating the
>links in the repository?

I'll have some documentation out about how we use our tools soon, but the short 
answer is that Taiga issues is a good place for everything (except governance 
issues of the snowdrift.coop team, and those are the kind of thing where if 
you're unsure whether they're relevant to you, they are probably irrelevant).

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