On 05/04/2016 04:41 AM, Victor/tuxayo wrote:
> Hi,
> My computer crashed during the build of the project and I would like to
> clean the potential mess left.
> I remember at least two folders that I needed to purge during past build
> issues:
> - $PROJECT_ROOT/.stack-work
> - ~/.stack
> Are there any other folders to remove to come back to a *full* clean
> state? (Also useful after few months of new dependency versions/heavy
> refactor to save disk space)
> And what is the priority in purging those folders when having a build
> issue? For example:
> - `.stack-work` first and if there are still issues `~/.stack`
> - always purge both at the same time
> Cheers,

There are no other directories to purge unless you already ran the site
and have database stuff to deal with. To clean out database stuff, it's
better to use the sdb.hs tool rather than manually clean things though.

although it shouldn't cause any troubles if you stopped in the middle of
a build or anything. Purging shouldn't be needed…

$PROJECT_ROOT/.stack-work should always be purged first when purging

~/.stack should never need purging per se, but for cleanliness or to be
just certain, it can be purged, but it should be purged along with or
after the purge of $PROJECT_ROOT/.stack-work

That's it really

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