On Fri, May 06, 2016 at 01:09:10PM +0200, Victor Grousset wrote:
> On 04/05/2016 19:48, Aaron Wolf wrote:
> > There are no other directories to purge unless you already ran the site
> > and have database stuff to deal with. To clean out database stuff, it's
> > better to use the sdb.hs tool rather than manually clean things though.
> > 
> > although it shouldn't cause any troubles if you stopped in the middle of
> > a build or anything. Purging shouldn't be needed…
> Few month ago I also crashed during a build(I still haven't fixed my
> stability issues...) and had to purge at least .stack-work to be able to
> build.
> > $PROJECT_ROOT/.stack-work should always be purged first when purging
> > 
> > ~/.stack should never need purging per se, but for cleanliness or to be
> > just certain, it can be purged, but it should be purged along with or
> > after the purge of $PROJECT_ROOT/.stack-work
> Thanks for all the info, is there a wiki page or a file in the
> repository where I could document that?
> (a dev FAQ or something)

Perhaps we should wait to see if it is frequently asked. :)

We can put in a link to http://haskellstack.org in the docs, if we
haven't already. Honestly I'm not sure where it should go, however. I
have trouble keeping BUILD/README/CONTRIBUTING straight. Aaron?

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