On 06/05/2016 17:48, Bryan Richter wrote:
> Perhaps we should wait to see if it is frequently asked. :)

Has anyone except me and my horribly unstable environment ever needed to
purge build files?

> We can put in a link to http://haskellstack.org in the docs, if we
> haven't already. Honestly I'm not sure where it should go, however. I
> have trouble keeping BUILD/README/CONTRIBUTING straight. Aaron?

Indeed, what I initially asked was on the stack FAQ

On 06/05/2016 19:44, Aaron Wolf wrote:
> While this stuff about purging is documented at the Stack docs and
> otherwise, I could see adding to BUILD a statement referencing that the
> total list of things to possibly purge includes `sdb.hs clean` and
> purging .stack-work and then ~/.stack and, of course, the project
> directory itself (and, I guess finally: whatever system things were
> installed). I'm not sure that's needed, but it's nice to have a full
> list of "things affected by building and running this"…

What about adding this as a "Manual rebuild" sub section? Just after
"Updating static files":


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