On Wed, May 18, 2016 at 11:58:54AM -0700, Bryan Richter wrote:
> No it isn't. :)
> There is now no SnowdriftProject type, nor should there ever be.

You're right, for some reason I thought there was. I think we had some
discussion in the IRC channel about how to implement the mechanism if there was
a separate SnowdriftProject type, so in my head I thought there was such a type.

> Stephen is right; this is not an issue yet. The "/p/snowdrift" route
> will go away, replaced by "/p/#ProjectSlug", and the snowdrift project
> will be the obvious owner of the ProjectSlug that corresponds to the
> route "/p/snowdrift".

I'm a bit concerned about this part, because this sounds like it might be a
difficult change. However, we can address this later.

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