On Tue, Aug 09, 2016 at 01:35:55PM -0600, Peter Harpending wrote:
> Hi, everyone,
> I wrote a mechanism library a few months ago, which I don't believe
> was ever merged into the main code tree. Then, I had summer classes,
> and several deaths in my family, so I haven't been paying much
> attention to the mailing lists/IRC. I'd like to start contributing
> again, preferably in small doses.
> Would someone mind catching me up on what I've missed and/or give me
> suggestions for things to do between now and the new semester?

Well, I moved to Finland for the summer, for starters. :)

I finished writing an auth subsite, which you can now find at
website/src/AuthSite.hs. That's merged to master and deployed to

The next milestone is deploying master to the main website. There's a
bunch of user stories with the tag "master-to-production":


The purpose of that milestone is to heal the painful gap between the
master branch and the production branch. I want continuous deployment

The summary of work to be done is that we need to preserve important
legacy URIs and migrate the user table. We're really close to
finishing the former. I was about to start the latter.

MVP is getting more and more concrete. We still need a dashboard UI, a
project-page UI, and a payment-history UI. These are higher-priority
than the actual backend mechanism, since (a) they define its
parameters and (b) they're a lot harder to design. There has been
discussion on all these fronts on the design mailing list. I am hoping
we can focus on one of them and knock it out in the next 1.5 weeks.

I'm still not very happy with our task management "solution". People
have to sign up for too many services [queue Aaron reiterating his
desire for a single sign-on, single solution website]. But I'm also
feeling more comfortable with Taiga. I started using sprints as a
way to help focus effort. I think it's helping.

This evening, I'll be triaging the issues and user stories and
building the next two sprints. 19:00 UTC, jitsi.

Speaking of continuous deployment, something that would be great for a
volunteer to work on is continuous integration. Gitlab has all kinds
of support built in. I've been ignoring the promotional emails they
send about it. But since we have a dedicated instance, there should be
nothing preventing us from setting it up.

If you want to help with that, try setting up a clone and
experimenting with it first.

Thanks for the continued interest in helping. I really appreciate it.

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