Moving this to the Dev mailing list (Jason, are you on it?)

Jason wrote:
> Hi, Bryan -
> As you requested, I was working on the code to put up a banner for
> when a member logs in but their e-mail is not yet verified.  Also, as
> you requested, I created this code on top of the production branch and
> not the master branch.
>    - When attempting to log in as admin, I put in the username & password
>    (both "admin") and clicked submit, but then I got back to the main screen,
>    where the button still said "Log In" instead of my name and libravatar.

This could be due to an empty database. To use the old site, you would
have to use the old methods for setting up the template data. Remember
to run `./sdb.hs init`.

Try reading through the docs that are in that version of the site:

>    - Trying to create a new user, I did not get the token needed for
>    confirmation (nor was there a field to enter it).

The production site doesn't have tokens for confirming users, does it?
For verifying email addresses, yes, but not for creating a new user.

If that's what you meant, then: I don't actually know if the
production site has any way of testing that verification flow. The new
site does. The old site might just assume that your local computer has
a daemon delivering local, UNIX-y mail.

If you have any idea what I'm talking about, then if you set your email
address to "your-user@localhost", you should get those messages.

Otherwise, manually connect to the development database and toggle the
email_verified column to see the different effects.

>    - Clicking the pledge button simply refreshed the page.

Pledging is broken/intentionally disabled in production right now.

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