On Thu, Oct 20, 2016 at 08:47:00AM -0500, Jason Harrer wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 19, 2016 at 8:03 PM, Bryan Richter <br...@snowdrift.coop> wrote:
> > Moving this to the Dev mailing list (Jason, are you on it?)
> >
> > Jason wrote:
> > >
> > > Hi, Bryan -
> > >
> > > As you requested, I was working on the code to put up a banner for
> > > when a member logs in but their e-mail is not yet verified.  Also, as
> > > you requested, I created this code on top of the production branch and
> > > not the master branch.
> > >
> > >    - When attempting to log in as admin, I put in the username & password
> > >    (both "admin") and clicked submit, but then I got back to the main
> > screen,
> > >    where the button still said "Log In" instead of my name and
> > libravatar.
> >
> > This could be due to an empty database. To use the old site, you would
> > have to use the old methods for setting up the template data. Remember
> > to run `./sdb.hs init`.
> >
> I'm pretty sure I tried that, but just to be sure, I just cleaned and
> re-initialized the database:
> This does look different than what I recall from the past, but I believe
> there was additional work on sdb.hs since last I used it, so I'm going to
> go out on a limb and assume that the output has been intentionally changed.


> After the clean and init, I have the same issue logging in as admin.  Now,
> I'm not sure if the database names were changed or not (I'm struggling
> trying to read through sdb.hs a bit), so going off of what I know, I went
> to look at the snowdrift_development database directly using psql:
> [jazzyeagle@JazzyPuter snowdrift]$ psql --username=postgres
> snowdrift_development
> psql: FATAL:  database "snowdrift_development" does not exist

What changed is how you access the database. On the production branch,
I recommend running the following before doing any other development:

    # Bash-specific
    source <(./sdb.hs env)

That sets up environment variables in your shell so that psql and
friends connect to the right database.

> The token for verifying e-mail addresses is what I'm talking about,
> yes.  I know some users on the mailing list use a CLI e-mail client,
> and my apologies, but with Bryan's limited availability to debug,
> screenshots are probably the best way to express what I'm seeing.
> Here's the first registration screen:
> [image: Inline image 1]
> After clicking submit:
> [image: Inline image 2]
> Clicking Submit on this second screen keeps bringing me right back to the
> same screen.

Don't put in an email address at first, maybe? Just guessing.

> At this point, I'm wondering why exactly I was asked to create this branch
> based off the production branch?  Do you think it'd be ok to work on this
> code using the master branch, or is there some reason why I need to do it
> on production?

Unfortunately, yes, it has to be done in production, because the plan

1. Set up this alert on snowdrift.coop (production branch)
2. Wait
3. Migrate users to the new schema
4. Deploy the master branch to snowdrift.coop.

If we changed master instead, the cart would be before the horse. :)

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