Hey, all -

I submitted a new MR for the Discourse SSO logic that fr33domlover
created.  This includes a patch that was submitted on Github as well.  I
then added in a Handler to redirect to the Discourse subsite (though the
config/settings.yml file will need to be adjusted for production instead of
my local dev setup).  I have tested this manually with a local instance of
Discourse to ensure the code worked as anticipated.

The MR is at https://git.snowdrift.coop/sd/snowdrift/merge_requests/32

That being said, the MR is labeled as WIP, as chreekat had made mention
that he would like to see tests set up for the code that was written.  I
added the dialogue on proposed tests as comments to the MR, so I won't
repeat them here.  The long and short of it, though, is that I need help
with determining what to test and how.  Obviously, we don't want everyone
who wishes to hack on the Snowdrift.coop code to have to install Discourse
locally in order for the tests to pass, so I'm not exactly sure how to set
up tests.  It'd be nice to have it set up to detect if Discourse is
installed/running and execute tests accordingly (though I think that's a
bit beyond my scope of knowledge).  If anyone has time to help me
brainstorm or even implement these tests so we can finally get this code
into production, I would greatly appreciate it.


- Jason (JazzyEagle)
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