On Fri, Jan 27, 2017 at 09:15:11PM -0600, Jason Harrer wrote:
> Hello, all -
> During my adventures of troubleshooting the discourse-sso branch, I tried
> to access GHCi using both "./build.sh ghci" and "stack ghci".  Neither of
> them fully loaded the website as I anticipated, which made my debugging and
> type investigations much harder.  I ultimately fumbled through it,
> especially with singpolyma's help (thanks again, btw!), but it flustered me
> to have the issues.
> So, I'm trying to look into why we're having issues with it.  It appears
> that there are cabal settings for run-persist & crowdmatch that are causing
> these to not compile when utilizing GHCi:


I kind of gave up on using ghci with Snowdrift. The combination of stack, Yesod,
and ghci just caused all sorts of trouble.

For instance, a lot of the "warnings" that ghci prints at the beginning are

If it helps at all, the crowdmatch utility is fairly independent from the
website. It just uses the same database.

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