Hello, everyone -

During our weekly calls, we have been talking about preparing for LinuxFest
NorthWest (LFNW).  There is a lot of work that is being done to prepare to
show off Snowdrift.coop at LFNW and to get the word out about what kind of
work is going on.

That being said, we kind of hit a road block in terms of development work.
I think you are all aware that Bryan has taken on a full time job with a
different company, and although he remains the lead developer for
Snowdrift.coop (only now as a volunteer), he hasn't had a lot of time to
work on the site.  I have tried working on more front-end work (getting the
pages that the design team made updated and ready for production), but in
addition to my inability as a professional programmer (I think of myself as
an amateur hobbyist programmer), my day job is getting in the way lately as
well.  A few other developers have stepped up to help a little here and
there as well, but those are on items that are outside of the big elephant
in the room:  Our funding mechanism.

Bryan had set up the basic structure for a library to perform all of the
funding mechanism tasks.  Currently, as I understand it, the part that is
functioning is the ability to take pledges.  That leaves a LOT of work
still to be done, especially collecting those pledged funds and keeping
track of the money that was brought in, for which project, for which users,

Continuation of the pages (primarily the user & project dashboard pages) on
the site pretty much revolve around a funding mechanism that works and
keeps track of the funds.

If there's anyone out there who's willing to help us out with writing more
of the funding mechanism, especially if we can get something more
operational before LFNW, it would be greatly appreciated.  Stop by our
freenode channel on IRC and chat with us about it, talk about it here on
the dev mailing list...  Just let us know you can help.


- Jason (JazzyEagle)
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