On 04/28/2017 03:50 PM, Bryan Richter wrote:
> I pushed a branch 'prototype/make-payments' where I just dumped the
> prototypal utility that processes donation payments. It probably doesn't
> compile, and doesn't have any entries in the .cabal anyway. But I wanted
> to throw it up on the repo so people could at least look at it.
> Barring any other activity, working on that utility is what I plan to
> do next when I have time to work on Snowdrift. Someone is welcome to
> beat me to it.
> One concern I have is figuring out how to minimize spamming Stripe. Can
> we batch payments somehow? Etc.
> Enjoy,
> -B

FWIW, I'd be happy to discuss the issue of how payments get processed in
a bounce-ideas sorta fashion independently of evaluating the code
itself. I mean, just to make sure everyone is on the same page about how
the interaction with Stripe should (or shouldn't) work…

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