Hi all,

I'm really glad Snowdrift got mentioned on the reditwittersphere
recently - lots of new people around! Having people around, doing
work and asking questions, has helped me get focused and energized.

I got two solid days of programming in this weekend. I've merged the
ability to process payments, which completes all the mechanism code
for "alpha". I also opened an MR for moving to lts-8.21 (ghc 8.0.2):

I went ahead and implemented this MR myself, duplicating the work of
mtncoder and I think others as well. Doing it this way was the fastest
way for me to understand all the little gotchas. There were actually
more than a few.

I'll merge that tomorrow, so please look at it and provide feedback
(before the merge would be best, but commenting after merge is also
very valuable). Thanks!

Next steps:


    I don't trust the mechanism code yet.
    A. There are zero tests integrating with Stripe's API.

    B. There are zero web browser integration tests (using selenium)

    C. Writing unit tests takes creativity, and more brains are better
       than one.

    D. Test implementation is kind of ugly.
        i. Tasty is now the top-level runner, but mostly it just calls
           to high-level HSpec suites. That's an annoying level of

        ii. In some cases, the preconditions for a test may be
           implemented with library methods, which means the test is
           not isolated enough. For example, anything setting up the
           database should be using raw Persistent functions (like
           "insert"), not library methods. (By "library" I mean the
           library under test.)

    E. Stripe error handling isn't tested. Getting them tested will
       probably improve the API, purifying some functions.

2. alpha-ui merge

    This branch probably has lots of conflicts now. Let's work with
    the designers to break the work apart, and redo individual pages
    one at a time.

Other steps and potential work are here:


and here:

https://tree.taiga.io/project/snowdrift-dev/kanban (look for the "Dev
Ready" column, and talk to designers if you have questions).


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