Hi all, here are some current events relevant to this list. There are two open 
MRs to discuss, some operations stuff, and I've got relevant personal updates 
as well. Let's start with the MRs.

## https://git.snowdrift.coop/sd/snowdrift/merge_requests/51

This is updating the auth pages to implement the specs for alpha. It's in 
pretty good shape, but there is some discussion left to resolve, and in 
particular, I see test failures where Jazzy does not. It would be great if 
someone else could clone that branch and reproduce the test results either way.

I'll point out https://git.snowdrift.coop/sd/snowdrift/issues/30, which might 
throw unrelated errors, and which really needs to be fixed asap.

Thanks go to Jazzy for working on this piece!

## https://git.snowdrift.coop/sd/snowdrift/merge_requests/52

This is adding the core styling for alpha. It's not a small change, but it is 
mostly just an import of an existing Sass code base developed over the course 
of a few months.

The reason this MR is still open is that we've run into complications 
incorporating Sass into Yesod. There are packages for this purpose, but they do 
not do Haskell splice interpolations (which makes me wonder what the point of 
the package even is). There's been some discussion of options on IRC, and I'm 
leaning toward compiling Sass to "Lucius" (aka CSS) in a step preceding the 
usual Haskell compile. That certainly has drawbacks, but I think it's important 
to get Sass working if at all possible. Fr33domlover is also working on other 
possibilities, starting with a patch to shakespeare-sass.

Thanks go to Ikomi for guiding this particular herd of cats towards greener 

## TLS cert

Our TLS certificate expires next month, and Wolftune is going through the 
process of ordering a renewal. It would be cool to automate this eventually 
using LetsEncrypt, but there just hasn't been time yet.

## Chreekat goes on an adventure

I've had a trip to Europe planned for a few months, and that kicks off on 
August 1. But that's not the whole extent of my adventure. I just learned I'm 
getting laid off at the same time. 

While that forces me to find a new source of income, it also gives me the time 
to take a small sabbatical and focus on Snowdrift. If you're in Europe and want 
to pair program on Snowdrift, let me know! My timetable is pretty flexible now.

My first stop will be Freiburg, Germany, where I'll get to meet Mray. I'll also 
be attending HacFreiburg where I obviously intend to hack on Snowdrift and 
introduce it to more Haskellers. Plans get fuzzy after that...

Have a good rest of your weekend,

-chreekat, lead dev
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