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> Hello people,
> I made a patch for shakespeare-sass which makes it support
> splices like the other shakespeare languages. I'd like to explain
> why and how because it's not easy to understand from my still
> ugly-and-undocumented code.


> Before running the SASS compiler, I'll run a preprocessor that
> encodes those special characters in the splices using just
> alphanumeric ASCII characters, so that the SASS compiler doesn't
> touch them, and after compilcation I'll run a postprocessor that
> decodes the splices back to the original form! And *then* treat the
> result as a Lucius source.
> Ikomi tried this today and it seems to work!

This doesn't actually look too bad! I mean, yes, it's a hack, but for
this piece I'd rather use something hacky and build a proper solution
later. Shakespeare is *full* of hacks like this, anyway.

In fact, I just spent a few hours trying to make a less-hacky version
of this change. Unfortunately, there is no clear "correct" way to do
it, and each language within Shakespeare (Cassius, Julius, Text, ...)
does it differently. Plus, the TH compile-time errors are horrendous
and hard to trigger reliably.

That is to say, I think your patch can't possibly make things worse.

Over on #34
(https://git.snowdrift.coop/sd/snowdrift/issues/34#note_1297) there
has been more discussion about Sass concerns. More hacks incoming...

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