Weekly update, 2017-09-03

Code developments

- Page styling is now implemented with Sass. See

  for some usage notes.
- CI is up and running: https://git.snowdrift.coop/sd/snowdrift/pipelines .
- Most of the original prototype
  (https://snowdrift.sylphs.net/prototypes/alpha/) is now actually
  in master.
- build.sh got tweaked, and builds work on macOS, NixOS, and Arch now
(as well
  as Debian-based systems, which are a breeze).

Meta developments

- Some triaging has happened for issues; sort by 'label priority' as
seen here:

- Or look, I started toying with Gitlab's issue boards:
- Instructions for manually testing Stripe integration have been added to

Current and upcoming work

- In my opinion, the following work is needed to reach "alpha":

    1. Next items on the board:
    2. Throw a lot of tests at the mechanism

- However, I think we need to talk about what "alpha" means. I.e., what
are our
  goals, really? I think it's been long enough that we should touch base
on this
  topic again.

    - That's not just for devs, so I'll ask that over at the discuss mailing
      list. (Join if you want to follow along:

- We still need improvements to miminize needless rebuilds.
    - stack v1.5 might help.

- Logging and monitoring is the most important (and nonexistent) piece
of our
  architecture. I'm going to look at influxdb and grafana; other suggestions


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