Hello, I'm Jake. I'm brand new here. In summary, I want "real world" Haskell 
experience. (Long version sent to commun...@snowdrift.coop.)

I tried to build the test platform, but encountered a classic bug: the space 

Easy to replicate: make a directory with a space in its name, such as "foo 
bar". In my case, it was "Backup One". Navigate (cd) your terminal to this 
place. Follow the build instructions in BUILD.md, starting with the "git 
clone..." line.

Well, something in the build script does not handle that space.

Using my example with "Backup One", it expects a Unix socket to be at:


Notice the "/Backup/" part should be "/Backup One/".

Furthermore, navigating to jthomas reveals that there is no "Backup" directory. 
So that file really does not exist. (Sometimes these things make the 
directories that they think should exist. Not in this case.)



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