Thank you everybody for your input!

I'm sorry for the delay: I've been making Christmas cards, etc. (Go 

I wish I had something satisfying to report, but I'm still fiddling. If I get a 
well-working setup, and it's not already in, I'll definitely add 

~ Anyhow: ~

Currently, I am fiddling with the HaskForce plugin, which supposedly seeks out 
declarations on its own, without the use of ctags or any external tool.

And it would appear that neither IntelliJ, nor any plugin thereof, supports 

Note: I already tried the intellij-haskell plugin (that's its actual name). It 
cannot find declarations outside the project.

If HaskForce fails to get me to definitions (not looking good so far), I 
suppose I'll try hasktags + vim from within the built-in terminal of IntelliJ.

I honestly find definition lookup to be more important than syntax highlighting.

Also, I was surprised that no one Hoogle does it. Thank you for the links, 

For me, it would really be worth it to get IntelliJ working well with Haskell. 
But I'll abstain from explaining my reasons in this thread.

Again, thank you. You folks really showed up!



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