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Two comments:

> Buffers can't exist in a system that has no account balances. The
> volatility gets pushed to the question of "Does the patron have enough
> money in their actual bank account."

I want it to go through a User Story / consent / design process, but
sometime we'll discuss this. There's no technical requirement of a
buffer, it's a UX and system-design question. It relates to whether
signing up for crowdmatching should actually serve to invite and match
further new patrons. It may be unnecessary or early optimization.
Anyway, it can be dropped from this topic now.

>> I'll stop here except to reiterate: what about doing budget calculations
>> at the time of pledging? I thought that would be effectively the only
>> thing needed. Then the crowdmatch and payment events would be at most
>> just extra checks to be triple-sure to respect budgets…
> Yeah, doing them at pledge time is probably going to be required.

That sounds like what David said too when I talked to him about this. He
had a moment last weekend to at least look at things and think about
Snowdrift code stuff. This could be a good place to hand off a little
coding task(s) to him if you can delineate clearly. He understands the
issues pretty well and may be able to help or at least discuss the

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