Yes, I finished it all and made it work.
Code is on my Github[1] in the strongswan and tap-windows6 repos.

Kind regards


[1] https://github.com/Thermi

On 11.08.2017 23:25, Kevin Lussier wrote:
> Hi Noel.
> I was about to venture down this same path myself. You posted your message 
> about a year ago. Were you able to make any further progress?
> Thanks,
> Kevin Lussier
>> Hello, I'm looking for some help regarding getting (kernel-)libipsec to work 
>> on Windows. I've already written the necessary code to interface with the 
>> TAP-Windows driver from OpenVPN and I already added code to handle the 
>> setting of the gateway field in the routes and functions to perform IO 
>> operations on the TUN handles, however, I have some problems getting it to 
>> work. The basic problem is, that despite charon receiving an ESPINUDP 
>> packet, the traffic counter does not increase and I don't get the data on 
>> the TAP device (in TUN mode) and vice versa (receiving packets on the handle 
>> of the TAP device does not work either yet). The current state of affairs 
>> is, that the negotiation of a CHILD_SA works fine, as does the installation 
>> of a route and the virtual IP. Short list of what was done: *add ifdefs and 
>> code in libstrongswan to find, open and configure TAP devices on Windows 
>> with the TAP-Windows driver *add short code for setting the GW of the routes 
>> over the TAP device on
>> Windows *merge code from the win-vip branch *add some code to honor 
>> charon.install_virtual_ip_on *code to perform IO operations on the handles 
>> *create/copy header files for (missing) constants My code can be found on 
>> Github (https://github.com/Thermi/strongswan) in the windows-libipsec 
>> branch. If you like to help, you probably want to look at the diff from 
>> commit 1dabd0fb1cfdb5b3381d45a39a7cb134651b72a9 to HEAD. I'd greatly 
>> appreciate a helping hand that sheds some light on what I'm doing wrong or 
>> what's still missing. -- Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Kind Regards, Noel Kuntze

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