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> Dear Philippe,
> About https://review.tizen.org/gerrit/#/c/66856/ ,
> hi MyungJoo Ham

> Do you intend to update Tizen 2.3 to add screen? (1)
> or do you simply want to install screen.rpm in your Tizen 2.3 device? (2)
> or do you want to let your own build system (GBS or OBS) build screen.rpm
> for Tizen 2.3? (3)
> (1) I don't think it is allowed unless we are to make and release another
> Tizen 2.3.x. (this is purely my personal guess. not an established policy
> or anything with some authority)

yea I believe it's not active the same way tizen 3 is
anyway if there is a procedure for, I listed those packages
could be easily rebuilt  :

dos2unix boost-jam boost scons
libzio libaio  lksctp-tools
strace perl-gettext help2man
texinfo screen
tcl expect

Maybe I could publish  RPMs in a shared 2.3 repo ?

We talked about this idea earlier, If there is a need for a such repos
I'll try to propose something.

> (2) If there is no dependency issues with Tizen 2.3 for screen.rpm built
> for Tizen 3.0, there should be no problem.
>     If there is you can simply do GBS with Tizen 2.3 basis.

see (1)

> (3) Apply such macro to your own rpm-build environment.

that could be a good fallback option yes.

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