In some cases I get:

2018-02-08 10:14:49,488 main WARN Unable to instantiate
org.fusesource.jansi.WindowsAnsiOutputStream due to
Could not get the screen info: T

What you do not see above is that on the console there is more after the
"T". There is a NUL character and "h e   h a n d l e   i s   i n v a l i d
." which probably contains more NUL chars since I cannot cut and copy that

If I cut and paste my Eclipse console, the only text I get is the above,
not the whole console, due to the NUL char.

I am thinking that I should create a configuration for that one logger
" org.fusesource.jansi.WindowsAnsiOutputStream"
and strip out NULs. I am not sure how I can do that on a regular logger,
even less the status logger.

Do we want to take the hit to scan all status logger string messages for
NULs and replace them with SPACEs or skip them. I also am not crazy about
adding yet another option.


This seems important (to me) since these kinds of messages come from the OS
and we do not have control over them.


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