I've added a new pipeline for Log4j <
https://builds.apache.org/job/Log4jCore/> using a Jenkinsfile as we are
doing in log4net, chainsaw, log4j scala api, log4j kotlin api, and logging
parent. Thanks to Dominik for demonstrating that this was possible and also
how to run things on Windows.

This pipeline is configured to run the build in parallel on three platforms:
* Ubuntu with Oracle JDK 8 and 9
* Ubuntu with IBM JDK 8 and Oracle JDK 9 (waiting to see if infra adds
OpenJ9 or at least a JDK9 version of the IBM JDK as an option to make this
pipeline fully IBM)
* Windows with Oracle JDK 8 and 9

This is configured to fail fast if any one of those three builds fail.
Afterwards, it archives test results and uploads snapshots to
repository.a.o. Now I haven't seen all three builds pass together yet
(there appears to be an issue with the embedded mongo tests that I don't
know how to reproduce locally), but it's almost there! I'm considering
ignoring those tests on jenkins for now to make sure everything else builds

Once this pipeline is stabilized, we can remove the old windows jenkins
project as well as the old log4j 2 3.x project. We can leave the
release-2.x branch project available, or I can backport the jenkins
pipeline to that branch as well to get rid of unnecessary jenkins projects.

Matt Sicker <boa...@gmail.com>

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