I am Sebastian and working for a Software company in Vienna.
I recently noticed a strange issue with log4net and the AdoNetAppender and it 
would be nice if anyone could comment on this.

Its quite an Edge Case I know but the implication is that the Application will 
freeze and no Exception is thrown which is kind of scary.
I have made a small example C# project to illustrate the issue which I can 
provide, but first I want to explain the issue.

The scenario is like this:

*         Visual Studio C# Console Application. Log4net (latest version) 
embedded as dll, MS SQL Server 2016 (but I guess this doesn't matter), .NET 
Framework > 4.5

*         The Application starts and the Logger is initialized (containing a 
AdoNetAppender pointing to an existing Database on MS SQL Server - localhost)

o   The code is something like this:

o   [cid:image001.png@01D41A0B.7E5CCB40]

*         After that happened, the Application is going to DROP the Database 
containing the Table that log4net will log to and recreates the database with 
all tables

o   This happens because every time the console starts the Log-Database should 
be empty  (I know there are other ways like truncate oder Drop Table but lets 
stay with me to understand the problem)

*         So at this point the Database containing the Log Table has been 

*         Now the Application starts a number Threads (in my example 64, but I 
guess it works with less) and waits for them to finish

*         In the Do() Method of the Thread, the thread simply tries to log an 
Error Message to the previously initialized logger

*         The Result is that the Application freezes and will never return (0% 
CPU). Also no log messages arrive in the database.

*         I am guessing there is some kind of deadlock situation inside log4net 
if multiple threads try to "initialize" the database connection to the 
recreated database again but in detail I have no idea what happens.

*         No exception is thrown, the threads just never finish there Do() 

So if I skip the part where I Recreate the database (with DROP und CREATE 
Database), then it works.
Also if put a log statement after the recreation of the database but BEFORE the 
multithreaded part starts, it also works.

Please advise what to do, is this the right place to address such an issue or 
should it be posted as an issue on jira?

Sebastian Morgenbesser

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