+1 to release!


SUCCESS! [2:28:38.650017] (virtual 2 CPU machine)


Javadocs look fine! I also checked the maven artifacts with a current project 
that implements some Analyzers for Solr, which broke in 6.2.0 because important 
TokenFilters changed their package name. The code now compiles again with the 
TokenFilter classes, although you might still run into compiling issues with 
StopAnalyzerBase’s static methods. But those classes are all expert.






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Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2016 4:08 PM
To: dev@lucene.apache.org
Subject: [VOTE] Release Lucene/Solr 6.2.1 RC1


Please vote for the first release candidate for Lucene/Solr 6.2.1


The artifacts can be downloaded from:



You can run the smoke tester directly with this command:

python3 -u dev-tools/scripts/smokeTestRelease.py 


Smoke tester passed for me:

SUCCESS! [0:29:53.545665]


Here's my +1 to release.



Shalin Shekhar Mangar.

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