Hoss Man commented on SOLR-9528:

I don't understand, practially/actionable, what this sentence means...

...proposed that _docid_ should be a legitimate pseudo-field, which would 
make it returnable, usable in function queries, etc.

* How is (anyone) defining "legitimate pseudo-field" in this context?
* There's not enough context to understand what is implied by the "etc." in 
this sentence -- what are some concrete examples of what users would be able to 
do in the future that they can't do now
** alternatively: what are some examples of existing vs new _syntax_ that is 
being proposed (either in configs or requests) for functionality that is 
already supported?


If the crux of this idea here is simply that the string {{\_docid\_}} should be 
usable anywhere that a fieldname can be used even when it's not defined in the 
schema, then that seems like a particularly bad/inconsistent idea to me since 
all of the other magic {{\_underscore\_}} fields that exist in solr *are* 
definied in the schema, and it's actually important how/if they are stored, 
docValues, etc...

I've never been a huge fan of *any* magic field names in solr, and I 
*personally* would be confused as hell if we started doing encouraging users to 
use magic field names that look like real field names but don't actually exist 
-- especailly because i would never be sure when a user is asking a question if 
they actually added {{\_docid\_}} to their schema -- a situation i have 
actaully encountered in real live and was then *VERY* confused by the described 
behavior of {{sort=\_docid\_ asc}}.  

My straw man proposal would be to (informally/formally) deprecate using 
{{\_docid\_}} in the sort param, and insitead offer a {{docid()}} (or 
{{docnum()}}, whatever folks prefer) ValueSourceParser out of the box, that 
people could pass to other functions (for the purpose of filtering, sorting, 
whatever...), or request in the response via {{fl}} etc...   

Special syntax like {{\_docid\_}} in the sort param made sense in the early 
days of Solr, but feel hackish now that we have first order functions (which 
are clearly a "computed" value, with no ambiguity that it might be stored)

(for that matter, i would argue we should do the same thing with "{{score}}" => 
{{score()}}, and add a {{random(seed)}} to replace the way users currently have 
to configure solr.RandomField ... but i'll save those fights for different 

> Make _docid_ (lucene id) a pseudo field
> ---------------------------------------
>                 Key: SOLR-9528
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SOLR-9528
>             Project: Solr
>          Issue Type: Improvement
>      Security Level: Public(Default Security Level. Issues are Public) 
>    Affects Versions: master (7.0)
>            Reporter: Alexandre Rafalovitch
>            Priority: Minor
> Lucene document id is a transitory id that cannot be relied on as it can 
> change on document updates, etc.
> However, there are circumstances where it could be useful to use it in a 
> search. The primarily use is a debugging where some error messages provide 
> only lucene document id as the reference. For example:
> {noformat}
> child query must only match non-parent docs, but parent docID=38200 matched 
> childScorer=class org.apache.lucene.search.DisjunctionSumScorer
> {noformat}
> We already expose the lucene id with \[docid] transformer with \_docid_ 
> sorting.
> On the email list, [~yo...@apache.org] proposed that _docid_ should be a 
> legitimate pseudo-field, which would make it returnable, usable in function 
> queries, etc.

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