Pushkar Raste created SOLR-9546:

             Summary: There is a lot of unnecessary boxing/unboxing going on in 
{{SolrParams}} class
                 Key: SOLR-9546
                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SOLR-9546
             Project: Solr
          Issue Type: Improvement
      Security Level: Public (Default Security Level. Issues are Public)
            Reporter: Pushkar Raste
            Priority: Minor

Here is an excerpt 

  public Long getLong(String param, Long def) {
    String val = get(param);
    try {
      return val== null ? def : Long.parseLong(val);
    catch( Exception ex ) {
      throw new SolrException( SolrException.ErrorCode.BAD_REQUEST, 
ex.getMessage(), ex );

{{Long.parseLong()}} returns a primitive type but since method expect to return 
a {{Long}}, it needs to be wrapped. There are many more method like that. We 
might be creating a lot of unnecessary objects here.

I am not sure if JVM catches upto it and somehow optimizes it if these methods 
are called enough times (or may be compiler does some modifications at compile 

Let me know if I am thinking of some premature optimization

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