Michael McCandless commented on LUCENE-2585:

Thanks [~hanwen], I think you are correct.  How would you suggest we fix it?  
Could you open a new issue to track this?  Thanks.

> DirectoryReader.isCurrent might fail to see the segments file during 
> concurrent index changes
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: LUCENE-2585
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/LUCENE-2585
>             Project: Lucene - Core
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: core/index
>            Reporter: Sanne Grinovero
>             Fix For: 4.9, 6.0
> I could reproduce the issue several times but only by running long and 
> stressfull benchmarks, the high number of files is likely part of the 
> scenario.
> All tests run on local disk, using ext3.
> Sample stacktrace:
> {noformat}java.io.FileNotFoundException: no segments* file found in 
> org.apache.lucene.store.NIOFSDirectory@/home/sanne/infinispan-41/lucene-directory/tempIndexName:
>  files:
> _2l3.frq _uz.fdt _1q4.fnm _1q0.fdx _4bc.fdt _v2.tis _4ll.fdx _2l8.tii _ux.fnm 
> _3g7.fdx _4bb.tii _4bj.prx _uy.fdx _3g7.prx _2l7.frq _2la.fdt _3ge.nrm 
> _2l6.prx 
> _1py.fdx _3g6.nrm _v0.prx _4bi.tii _2l2.tis _v2.fdx _2l3.nrm _2l8.fnm 
> _4bg.tis _2la.tis _uu.fdx _3g6.fdx _1q3.frq _2la.frq _4bb.tis _3gb.tii 
> _1pz.tis 
> _2lb.nrm _4lm.nrm _3g9.tii _v0.fdt _2l5.fnm _v2.prx _4ll.tii _4bd.nrm 
> _2l7.fnm _2l4.nrm _1q2.tis _3gb.fdx _4bh.fdx _1pz.nrm _ux.fdx _ux.tii 
> _1q6.nrm 
> _3gf.fdx _4lk.fdt _3gd.nrm _v3.fnm _3g8.prx _1q2.nrm _4bh.prx _1q0.frq 
> _ux.fdt _1q7.fdt _4bb.fnm _4bf.nrm _4bc.nrm _3gb.fdt _4bh.fnm _2l5.tis 
> _1pz.fnm _1py.fnm _3gc.fnm _2l2.prx _2l4.frq _3gc.fdt _ux.tis _1q3.prx 
> _2l7.fdx _4bj.nrm _4bj.fdx _4bi.tis _3g9.prx _1q4.prx _v3.fdt _1q3.fdx 
> _2l9.fdt 
> _4bh.tis _3gb.nrm _v2.nrm _3gd.tii _2l7.nrm _2lb.tii _4lm.tis _3ga.fdx 
> _1pz.fdt _3g7.fnm _2l3.fnm _4lk.fnm _uz.fnm _2l2.frq _4bd.fdx _1q2.fdt 
> _3g7.tis 
> _4bi.frq _4bj.frq _2l7.prx _ux.prx _3gd.fnm _1q4.fdt _1q1.fdt _v1.fnm 
> _1py.nrm _3gf.nrm _4be.fdt _1q3.tii _1q1.prx _2l3.fdt _4lk.frq _2l4.fdx 
> _4bd.fnm 
> _uw.frq _3g8.fdx _2l6.tii _1q5.frq _1q5.tis _3g8.nrm _uw.nrm _v0.tii _v2.fdt 
> _2l7.fdt _v0.tis _uy.tii _3ge.tii _v1.tii _3gb.tis _4lm.fdx _4bc.fnm _2lb.frq 
> _2l6.fnm _3g6.tii _3ge.prx _uu.frq _1pz.fdx _1q2.fnm _4bi.prx _3gc.frq 
> _2l9.tis _3ge.fdt _uy.fdt _4ll.fnm _3gc.prx _1q7.tii _2l5.nrm _uy.nrm _uv.frq 
> _1q6.frq _4ba.tis _3g9.tis _4be.nrm _4bi.fnm _ux.frq _1q1.fnm _v0.fnm 
> _2l4.fnm _4ba.fnm _4be.tis _uz.prx _1q6.fdx _uw.tii _2l6.nrm _1pz.prx 
> _2l7.tis 
> _1q7.fdx _2l9.tii _4lk.tii _uz.frq _3g8.frq _4bb.prx _1q5.tii _1q5.prx 
> _v2.frq _4bc.tii _1q7.prx _v2.tii _2lb.tis _4bi.fdt _uv.nrm _2l2.fnm _4bd.tii 
> _1q7.tis 
> _4bg.fnm _3ga.frq _uu.fnm _2l9.fnm _3ga.fnm _uw.fnm _1pz.frq _1q1.fdx 
> _3ge.fdx _2l3.prx _3ga.nrm _uv.fdt _4bb.nrm _1q7.fnm _uv.tis _3gb.fnm 
> _2l6.tis _1pz.tii _uy.fnm _3gf.fdt _3gc.nrm _4bf.tis _1q5.fnm _uu.tis 
> _4bh.tii _2l5.fdt _1q6.tii _4bc.tis _3gc.tii _3g9.fnm _2l6.fdt _4bj.fnm 
> _uu.tii _v3.frq 
> _3g9.fdx _v0.nrm _2l7.tii _1q0.fdt _3ge.fnm _4bf.fdt _1q6.prx _uz.nrm 
> _4bi.fdx _3gf.fnm _4lm.frq _v0.fdx _4ba.fdt _1py.tii _4bf.tii _uw.fdx 
> _2l5.frq 
> _3g9.nrm _v1.fdt _uw.fdt _4bd.frq _4bg.prx _3gd.tis _1q4.tis _2l9.nrm 
> _2la.nrm _v3.tii _4bf.prx _1q1.nrm _4ba.tii _3gd.fdx _1q4.tii _4lm.tii 
> _3ga.tis 
> _4bf.fnm write.lock _2l8.prx _2l8.fdt segments.gen _2lb.fnm _2l4.fdt _1q2.prx 
> _4be.fnm _3gf.prx _2l6.fdx _3g6.fnm _4bb.fdt _4bd.tis _4lk.nrm _2l5.fdx 
> _2la.tii _4bd.prx _4ln.fnm _3gf.tis _4ba.nrm _v3.prx _uv.prx _1q3.fnm 
> _3ga.tii _uz.tii _3g9.frq _v0.frq _3ge.tis _3g6.tis _4ln.prx _3g7.tii 
> _3g8.fdt 
> _3g7.nrm _3ga.prx _2l2.fdx _2l8.fdx _4ba.prx _1py.frq _uz.fdx _2l3.tii 
> _3g6.prx _v3.fdx _1q6.fdt _v1.nrm _2l2.tii _1q0.tis _4ba.fdx _4be.tii 
> _4ba.frq 
> _4ll.fdt _4bh.nrm _4lm.fdt _1q7.frq _4lk.tis _4bc.frq _1q6.fnm _3g7.frq 
> _uw.tis _3g8.tis _2l9.fdx _2l4.tii _1q4.fdx _4be.prx _1q3.nrm _1q0.tii 
> _1q0.fnm 
> _v3.nrm _1py.tis _3g9.fdt _4bh.fdt _4ll.nrm _4lk.prx _3gd.prx _1q3.tis 
> _1q2.tii _2l2.nrm _3gd.fdt _2l3.fdx _3g6.fdt _3gd.frq _1q1.tis _4bb.fdx 
> _1q2.frq 
> _1q3.fdt _v1.tis _2l8.frq _3gc.fdx _1q1.frq _4bg.frq _4bb.frq _2la.fdx 
> _2l9.frq _uy.tis _uy.prx _4bg.fdx _3gb.prx _uy.frq _1q2.fdx _4lm.prx _2la.prx 
> _2l4.prx _4bg.fdt _4be.frq _1q7.nrm _2l5.prx _4bf.frq _v1.prx _4bd.fdt 
> _2l9.prx _1q6.tis _3g8.fnm _4ln.tis _2l3.tis _4bc.fdx _2lb.prx _3gb.frq 
> _3gf.frq 
> _2la.fnm _3ga.fdt _uz.tis _4bg.nrm _uv.tii _4bg.tii _3g8.tii _4ll.frq _uv.fnm 
> _2l8.tis _2l8.nrm _2l2.fdt _4bj.tis _4lk.fdx _uw.prx _4bc.prx _4bj.fdt 
> _4be.fdx 
> _1q4.frq _uu.fdt _1q1.tii _2l5.tii _2lb.fdt _4bh.frq _3ge.frq _1py.prx 
> _1q5.nrm _v1.fdx _3g7.fdt _4ln.fdt _1q4.nrm _1py.fdt _3gc.tis _4ll.prx 
> _v3.tis _4bf.fdx 
> _1q5.fdx _1q0.prx _4bi.nrm _4ll.tis _2l4.tis _3gf.tii _v2.fnm _uu.nrm 
> _1q0.nrm _4lm.fnm _uu.prx _2l6.frq _4ln.nrm _ux.nrm _3g6.frq _1q5.fdt 
> _4bj.tii 
> _2lb.fdx _uv.fdx _v1.frq
>         at 
> org.apache.lucene.index.SegmentInfos$FindSegmentsFile.run(SegmentInfos.java:634)
>         at 
> org.apache.lucene.index.SegmentInfos$FindSegmentsFile.run(SegmentInfos.java:517)
>         at org.apache.lucene.index.SegmentInfos.read(SegmentInfos.java:306)
>         at 
> org.apache.lucene.index.SegmentInfos.readCurrentVersion(SegmentInfos.java:408)
>         at 
> org.apache.lucene.index.DirectoryReader.isCurrent(DirectoryReader.java:797)
>         at 
> org.apache.lucene.index.DirectoryReader.doReopenNoWriter(DirectoryReader.java:407)
>         at 
> org.apache.lucene.index.DirectoryReader.doReopen(DirectoryReader.java:386)
>         at 
> org.apache.lucene.index.DirectoryReader.reopen(DirectoryReader.java:348)
>         at 
> org.infinispan.lucene.profiling.LuceneReaderThread.refreshIndexReader(LuceneReaderThread.java:79)
>         at 
> org.infinispan.lucene.profiling.LuceneReaderThread.testLoop(LuceneReaderThread.java:60)
>         at 
> org.infinispan.lucene.profiling.LuceneUserThread.run(LuceneUserThread.java:60)
>         at 
> java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.runTask(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:886)
>         at 
> java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:908)
>         at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:619)
> {noformat}

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