I agree it should not deprecated. Random access is still useful for global
ordinals, but also some parts of doc values formats like terms dictionaries
of SORTED(_SET) doc values. I think we should remove the deprecation
annotation and also make it its own class rather than extending
NumericDocValues. I can work on it.

Le lun. 17 oct. 2016 à 19:41, Yonik Seeley <ysee...@gmail.com> a écrit :

> OrdinalMap.getGlobalOrds currently returns LongValues, which
> was deprecated by the cutover to DV iterators (LongValues now extends
> LegacyNumericDocValues).
> An iterator API makes no sense for global ords, which are inherently
> random-access since they are not based on docids.
> It seems like we should either:
> 1) create a new LongValues abstract class with essentially the old
> API:  long get(int index)
> 2) create a LongValues interface that can be optionally implemented by
> classes wishing to expose a random access API
> -Yonik
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