Andrzej Bialecki  commented on SOLR-4735:

Thanks Kelvin for creating the new tests! You beat me to it... :)

After some discussion with Shalin it looks like we need to be able to manage 
{{SolrMetricReporter}}-s outside the {{SolrCore}} context - after all they need 
to also report metrics that are not related to {{SolrCore}}:
* I added a notion of "group" of metrics, which corresponds to a top-level 
subsystem in a Solr node (I'm not attached to the name, naming is hard, so if 
you have a better suggestion please speak up):
  enum Group { jvm, jetty, http, node, core }
These correspond to JVM, Jetty, HttpClient, SolrCore, and node-level metrics 
such as Zookeeper stats, Overseer queues etc. The idea is that if you fire 
JConsole you should see something like this:
* solr
  - jvm
  - jetty
  - http
  - node
    - zookeeper
    - overseer
  - core
    - collection1
      - CORE
* Since we need reporters for these top-level groups we need to be able to 
configure them outside {{SolrCore}} config. On the other hand we probably don't 
want to always specify the same reporters in each collection config, too. I'll 
try to refactor the code so that we can specify the base reporter configs in 
{{CoreContainer}} configuration, and then override them per collection if 
* Current implementation instantiates separate reporters for each collection. 
I'll look into reusing single global-level reporters when possible, and 
creating new instances only if there are per-collection overrides.
* Currently we use separate instances of {{MetricRegistry}} per core. This may 
seem wasteful but if you consider deployments with thousands of cores, and 
multiply this by hundreds of metrics per core then any lookups in a HashMap 
with 100k keys, or filtering by prefix, will cause performance issues. So I 
think the current design is more scalable than using a single registry for all 

> Improve Solr metrics reporting
> ------------------------------
>                 Key: SOLR-4735
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SOLR-4735
>             Project: Solr
>          Issue Type: Improvement
>            Reporter: Alan Woodward
>            Assignee: Andrzej Bialecki 
>            Priority: Minor
>         Attachments: SOLR-4735.patch, SOLR-4735.patch, SOLR-4735.patch, 
> SOLR-4735.patch
> Following on from a discussion on the mailing list:
> http://search-lucene.com/m/IO0EI1qdyJF1/codahale&subj=Solr+metrics+in+Codahale+metrics+and+Graphite+
> It would be good to make Solr play more nicely with existing devops 
> monitoring systems, such as Graphite or Ganglia.  Stats monitoring at the 
> moment is poll-only, either via JMX or through the admin stats page.  I'd 
> like to refactor things a bit to make this more pluggable.
> This patch is a start.  It adds a new interface, InstrumentedBean, which 
> extends SolrInfoMBean to return a 
> [[Metrics|http://metrics.codahale.com/manual/core/]] MetricRegistry, and a 
> couple of MetricReporters (which basically just duplicate the JMX and admin 
> page reporting that's there at the moment, but which should be more 
> extensible).  The patch includes a change to RequestHandlerBase showing how 
> this could work.  The idea would be to eventually replace the getStatistics() 
> call on SolrInfoMBean with this instead.
> The next step would be to allow more MetricReporters to be defined in 
> solrconfig.xml.  The Metrics library comes with ganglia and graphite 
> reporting modules, and we can add contrib plugins for both of those.
> There's some more general cleanup that could be done around SolrInfoMBean 
> (we've got two plugin handlers at /mbeans and /plugins that basically do the 
> same thing, and the beans themselves have some weirdly inconsistent data on 
> them - getVersion() returns different things for different impls, and 
> getSource() seems pretty useless), but maybe that's for another issue.

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