Ishan Chattopadhyaya commented on SOLR-10317:

*Kindly*, be specific in your status reports. Phrases like "new QPS calculation 
logic" or "bugs fixed" have no meaning unless you link to a Github issue 
describing your "new .. logic" or the exact bugs you fixed. Ideally, those 
issues should be linked to your exact commits for fixing/implementing them.

Also, please fix the following parameter names:
--commit-id could be as simple as --commit, --test-with-number-of-documents 
could be as simple as --num-docs, --use-sample-dataset could be as simple as 

Also, what is the difference between --use-sample-dataset and 
--test-with-number-of-documents? Does the latter only control the index size?

This description,
     * --use-sample-dataset X.XX               Use this option when you want to 
work in dev-mode (i.e while enhancing
                                               /debugging this project.). 
Please also pass a value in the range 0.01 to 1
                                               with this parameter. This value 
is the percentage of data set that is used
                                               in this mode. 
could be:
     * --use-sample-dataset X.XX               This value (0 - 1.0) is the 
fraction of dataset & queries used for indexing and querying. Useful in 
dev-mode. Default value, when this parameter is not specified, is 1.0

> Solr Nightly Benchmarks
> -----------------------
>                 Key: SOLR-10317
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SOLR-10317
>             Project: Solr
>          Issue Type: Task
>            Reporter: Ishan Chattopadhyaya
>              Labels: gsoc2017, mentor
>         Attachments: changes-lucene-20160907.json, 
> changes-solr-20160907.json, managed-schema, 
> Narang-Vivek-SOLR-10317-Solr-Nightly-Benchmarks.docx, 
> Narang-Vivek-SOLR-10317-Solr-Nightly-Benchmarks-FINAL-PROPOSAL.pdf, 
> Screenshot from 2017-07-30 20-30-05.png, SOLR-10317.patch, SOLR-10317.patch, 
> solrconfig.xml
> Solr needs nightly benchmarks reporting. Similar Lucene benchmarks can be 
> found here, https://home.apache.org/~mikemccand/lucenebench/.
> Preferably, we need:
> # A suite of benchmarks that build Solr from a commit point, start Solr 
> nodes, both in SolrCloud and standalone mode, and record timing information 
> of various operations like indexing, querying, faceting, grouping, 
> replication etc.
> # It should be possible to run them either as an independent suite or as a 
> Jenkins job, and we should be able to report timings as graphs (Jenkins has 
> some charting plugins).
> # The code should eventually be integrated in the Solr codebase, so that it 
> never goes out of date.
> There is some prior work / discussion:
> # https://github.com/shalinmangar/solr-perf-tools (Shalin)
> # https://github.com/chatman/solr-upgrade-tests/blob/master/BENCHMARKS.md 
> (Ishan/Vivek)
> # SOLR-2646 & SOLR-9863 (Mark Miller)
> # https://home.apache.org/~mikemccand/lucenebench/ (Mike McCandless)
> # https://github.com/lucidworks/solr-scale-tk (Tim Potter)
> There is support for building, starting, indexing/querying and stopping Solr 
> in some of these frameworks above. However, the benchmarks run are very 
> limited. Any of these can be a starting point, or a new framework can as well 
> be used. The motivation is to be able to cover every functionality of Solr 
> with a corresponding benchmark that is run every night.
> Proposing this as a GSoC 2017 project. I'm willing to mentor, and I'm sure 
> [~shalinmangar] and [~markrmil...@gmail.com] would help here.

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