Andrzej Bialecki  created SOLR-11221:

             Summary: SolrJmxReporter may not report all metrics
                 Key: SOLR-11221
             Project: Solr
          Issue Type: Bug
      Security Level: Public (Default Security Level. Issues are Public)
    Affects Versions: 6.6, 7.0, 6.7, master (8.0)
            Reporter: Andrzej Bialecki 
            Assignee: Andrzej Bialecki 
            Priority: Critical

{{SolrJmxReporter}} uses Dropwizard's {{JmxReporter}}, which in turn uses a 
{{MetricRegistry}} listener to report newly added metrics as MBeans, and to 
unregister them from MBeanServer when the reporter is closed, which happens 
when core is closed.

The metrics API keeps around existing metrics in {{solr.core.*}} registries to 
help maintain continuous metrics in presence of core reloads. However, this 
means that some of these metric instances are not registered anew when a core 
is reloaded - and for these metrics the listener won't fire, so the MBeans 
won't be registered.

This limitation is a result of the use of {{MetricRegistryListener}} in 
{{JmxReporter}} and can't be fixed without reimplementing this class. Another 
possible approach would be to configure the {{JmxReporter}} to use a 
"mirroring" registry instead, which will be populated with existing metrics 
from the original registry (thus generating "metric added" events) and then 
kept in sync with the main registry via a listener.

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