: Let's take solr/licenses/derby-LICENSE-ASL.txt for example which has this
: section towards the end
: Should we be filling out the [yyyy] and [name of copyright owner] section
: in our LICENSE files?

IIUC you're missreading that section.   Note it explicitly says...

:       the brackets!)  The text should be enclosed in the appropriate
:       comment syntax for the file format. We also recommend that a

...that section of the license is talking about what steps some "name of 
copyright owner" should take to declare some arbitrary source file 
available to the world under the ASL -- WHILE "name of  

(The reasons $joe_github_user might want to release something under the 
ASL while still claiming copyright over it are esoteric and i won't 
pretend to understand them)

Now: A diff question you might ask is...

>> Should we be putting a "Copyright [yyyy] The Apache Software 
>> Foundation" line at the top of all our source files

...the answer to that question is also no because (again, IIUC) the ASF as 
an "enitity that owns the copyright to some code" it distributes under the 
ASL chooses *not* to claim copyright protections -- see the ASFs legal 
guidelines on "Source File Headers for Code Developed at the ASF"...


And note some of the legal FAQs...


> Does this policy apply to projects outside the ASF that use the Apache 
> License?
> No. This is strictly an ASF policy. Other projects using the Apache 
> License should still refer to the license's appendix for guidance on 
> applying a header to their source files.

...but i could be totally wrong about all of this.  If in doubt you 
can always bring it up on legal-discuss@apache


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